HyPlasma Hydrogen production through plasma conversion of carbon

Omzetten overvloedige elektriciteit naar gas middels plasmolyse, in plaats van electrolyse.

Hoofdlijn Systeemfunctie van Gas

Binnen de hoofdlijn Systeemfunctie van Gas wordt gekeken naar de rol van gas binnen het energiesysteem. Gas kan op kosten- en energie-efficiënte wijze bijdragen aan de transitie naar een duurzame energiehuishouding en het kan de flexibiliteit en betrouwbaarheid leveren die daarvoor nodig is. De hoofdlijn houdt zich bezig met de innovaties die hierbinnen nodig zijn om in de toekomst de systeemfunctie van gas optimaal in te zetten.

Excess electricity generated by wind farms cannot be accommodated by the electricity network if power exceeds 15-20% of network capacity. This requires wind farms to operate below installed capacity. By converting the excess energy into gas (peak shaving) this can be stored in the gas network. In case of off-shore wind farms transport of gas to the continent will be an order of magnitude cheaper than transport of electricity. Therefore, there is a strong economic incentive to invest in the conversion of electricity to gas.


The project objective is basic research (Fundamenteel Onderzoek) on the splitting of water and carbon dioxide by plasmolysis as an alternative to electrolysis. Plasmolysis offers advantages in high energy density reducing system dimensions, high throughput, rapid response to intermittent supply and no use of scarce materials. Energy efficiency, usually translated into cost, is comparable with electrolysis.

The project is part of a larger project at DIFFER in its program on Solar Fuels, funded by the FOM and NWO foundations under the theme CO2 neutral fuels. Partners to this project are the gas network company ALLIANDER, the European gas infrastructure company GASUNIE and the industrial alliance ENERGY VALLEY. Alliander will contribute in kind to this project with a system analysis study, Gasunie will provide gas industry requirements and Energy Valley will facilitate future collaboration with Industry and SME.


This project is in line with the Power to Gas objective to enhance the flexibility of the energy system and ease the transition to renewable energy sources. The outcome of this work is a clear understanding and plan how to proceed to an up scaled reactor of industrial size.